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About John L. Roman

I worked in film and television for nearly 40 years. I produced Law and Order: Criminal Intent for many years in New York. My career has never been dull—I have weathered the winter for Groundhog Day and blown up the streets of Chicago on Backdraft. I worked with Dick Wolf for two decades and started up Chicago Fire and the One Chicago Franchise for NBC Universal/Wolf Films. See my full filmography on IMDb.com.

I got my start shooting commercials in Detroit and Chicago but have shot in many different cities from New York to LA to Vancouver.  From my early days as a Chicago A.D. to producing in New York, I’ve learned the key to putting a great cast & crew together and keeping them happy and engaged.  I like to put the money on the screen and collaborate with the creative team to make this happen in the most efficient way possible.

In the last several years, digital media has changed the way we approach our work.  As we continue to push innovation, it is important to me that we ensure support for the artists and evolve the craft of filmmaking for the better.

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